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Quality marks

Blik op Werk Quality Mark

With Blik op Werk Quality Mark you know that you are following a course of a good quality. De Dienst Uitkering en Onderwijs (DUO) requires that you follow the (integration) course at a Blik op Werk Quality Mark holder. So DUO know that the school meets their requirements.
DUO lends you money only if you follow a course at a school with the Blik op Werk label. Taalthuis is holder of that label. Taalthuis only offers courses for higher educated students to prepare them for the State exam I or II.

Blik op Werk looks at several requirements that apply to all schools. Examples include customer satisfaction and the success rate. All these requirements are checked by an inspector during a visit to the school. Then assesses an employee of Blik op Werk or school meets all requirements. If so, the school gets Blik op Werk label.

If you followed a course through Taalthuis, you will receive a questionnaire by e-mail Your answers can be seen at Blik op Werk, how satisfied you are with your course. Your answers are confidential. Your teachers and the school do not know what answer you give. All responses of all students together form the figure for customer satisfaction. The school must have a 6.5 to get the label. Taalthuis gets an 8,5 of its participants!

For more information about how it works to get a loan: www.duo.nl