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Taalthuis also offers Dutch courses for businesses on location. Our teachers are happy to travel to your company and deliver a course which allows you and your colleagues to learn Dutch in a way that suits your needs. We also offer the possibility for online Dutch courses. These courses can be organised at any time, even during lunch break!

We offer courses with different levels from beginners to intermediate and on to advanced. Furthermore we can develop tailor made courses on request.

Taalthuis aims to make learning Dutch fun whilst improving your awareness of the grammatical rules and increasing your vocabulary. There will be ample time to practice spoken Dutch in order to learn the correct pronunciation. A variety of techniques are used throughout the course including role play, listening to texts and completing short written exercises. Typical themes are also discussed including the national holidays, Dutch provinces with their specific characteristics and national dishes.

Taalthuis aims to make everyone feel more at home in the Netherlands.

The beginners and intermediate courses consist of 12 lessons of 2 hours. The advanced course consists of 26 lessons of 2 hours.

For more information please contact Taalthuis.
incompany@taalthuis.nl or +31- (0) 23- 305 0 305

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