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Additional lesson materials

Leuk dat je meer Nederlands wilt leren! Nice to hear you would like to learn more Dutch!

If you are a student at Taalthuis and you would like to continue learning Dutch, you can search for your next course below. Don’t forget to fill in your special coupon code to get your 2,5% discount.

If you would like to focus more on Dutch grammar, you can buy our grammar module. Click on the button below and register for this interesting module. Taalthuis offers courses at all levels. For the levels up to A2, we have our own lesson materials, including a grammar book. This online grammar module contains the information from the grammar book combined with a lot of exercises to put your knowledge of grammar into practice. To register for this module, you need to have finished an A1 course.

If you would like to extend your present e-learning, or you would like to book extra private or catch-up lessons, please send us a message.

I want to continue learning Dutch!

I want to focus on the Dutch grammar

online grammar module

If you are already a student at Taalthuis this module costs only € 39,95 with a grammar book and € 29,50 if you already have the grammar book.

I want to extend my e-learning

Additional e-learning

for only € 29,50 you can extend your e-learing with 3 months.

I want extra private lessons.

Extra private lessons

for only € 69,50 per hour you can get an extra private lesson.