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Last chance before summer to learn Dutch !

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Find out what our students are saying:

Zoe: "I feel very welcome in the Netherlands. Even more now I understand the language so much better.”

Expat Zoe (24) from England

“I came to the Netherlands to do a Master’s programme in English Literature. Studying is a lot cheaper here than in England. At the moment I work for a media company, writing about English series, among other things. During my lunch breaks I sometimes practice Dutch with my colleagues. I also speak Dutch with my boyfriend, who is from Amsterdam. A year and a half ago I did the beginners plus course. I manage but still… there is so much in my head that I can’t seem to put to practice. For Dutch grammar I really need a teacher. The Dutch and British people have the same dry sense of humour. It feels familiar. I feel very welcome in the Netherlands. Even more now I understand the language so much better.”

Deepak: "Thanks to Taalthuis learning Dutch is a lot easier"

Expat Deepak (42) from India

"California or Amsterdam, that's where most people from the IT sector apply for a job. I soon knew that it would be the Netherlands. I don't know Europe very well and I really wanted to visit the big European cities. Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Copenhagen, Budapest; over the last year and a half I visited a different city every month. I love the Dutch climate. Except last summer, I didn't like that. Warm weather is 'overrated'. It makes you tired. I prefer cold weather with a shining sun. You can enjoy coffee on a terrace. The food here is totally different compared to India. You wouldn't expect it given my culture, but I don't like spicy food. Not so long ago I started this language course. English is so much easier for me. But thanks to Taalthuis things are getting better.”

Reka: "One word that we both can’t seem to pronounce is ‘Schiermonnikoog’.”

Expat Reka (32) from Hungary

"Half a year ago - we already lived in the Netherlands for three years - we got married. Not in Hungary, not in the Netherlands but in the Seychelles, because I thought: the weather is always nice there. But right after the ceremony it started to rain! I like the fact that the Dutch are direct. I am direct too, so this country suits me better than Hungary where it is not appreciated. Hungarians are a bit more withdrawn and sometimes even aggressive, for example in traffic. Believe me, in comparison with the Hungarian people the Dutch are polite. I also speak German, so Dutch is not so difficult for me. I do this course because I am too lazy to learn Dutch at home. Now I can’t escape my homework. My husband does the same course as I do, and we practice together. One word that we both can’t seem to pronounce is ‘Schiermonnikoog’.”