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Expat Ditti (29) from Hungary

‘I met my boyfriend in Rotterdam, he is Dutch. Because I feel good living here, I decided to quit my job in Hungary and pursue my career in IT in the Netherlands. Everyone at work speaks English, but my colleagues like to challenge me and chat in Dutch during lunch. Also the software we use at work is often in Dutch. At the beginning of the Dutch course at Taalthuis, I was frustrated about my progress, but now I'm doing much better and surprise my colleagues by answering suddenly in Dutch, like: "Daar moet ik even over nadenken.”’

Lerio Jane

Au pair Lerio Jane (25) from the Philippines

‘I'm here for a year and I want to see all of the Netherlands. So on weekends I travel with other au pairs from the Taalthuis Dutch course throughout the country. I have been to Groningen, Maastricht... Since I learn Dutch at Taalthuis I feel more secure on those trips. For example, I understand what is being said through the speakers in the train and what signs mean. At the au pair family where I live, we speak English, but nowadays whenever friends of the children come over to play, I can chat in Dutch with them now. ‘


Au pair Allison (24) from South Africa

‘In 2010, during the World Soccer Championships in South Africa, I became interested in the Netherlands. I worked at the stadium and spoke to people from Holland. It struck me that they were kind and liberal. Later on I made plans to work as an au pair in the Netherlands. In some ways, this is even better than I expected. And I fell in love with my bike! I take care of children who speak Dutch to me all day. That was very difficult at first, but the Dutch course at Taalthuis taught me to communicate better with them. ‘


Au pair Andrea (19) from Spain

‘I take care of four very nice children of 3, 5, 8 and 9 years old. They speak Dutch to me and I start to understand them better. The phrases I often use and learned during Dutch course at Taalthuis are: "Hoe was jouw dag?" And "Wil jij een koekje en drinken?". I work as an au pair now, but I would like to study physiotherapy in Amsterdam. To be able to afford that, I work at a restaurant in the evening. As a child my parents took me to the Netherlands and as early as then I wanted to live here. I made it happen and I really feel at home. ‘