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Learning Dutch at Taalthuis is fun!

You can follow courses at all levels. Small groups. Discounts for au pairs, students, partners and friends. Good course materials including e-learning.

Find out what our students are saying:

Flavia: "My favorite Dutch word is 'gezellig'"

Expat Flavia (44) from Brazil

"My husband was sent to the Netherlands for his work and we came with him as a family, together with our son and daughter. It took them some getting used to at the beginning; there is a huge difference between Rio de Janeiro and Haarlem. But with the beach at ten minutes by bike, they were quickly convinced. "Just like in Rio, Mommy! When the weather is nice we spend every weekend on the beach. Tomorrow I will start my first working day as a cardiologist in the AMC hospital. Now I am even more motivated to learn Dutch and I love my language course at Taalthuis. My favorite Dutch word is 'gezellig'. I feel very welcome in the Netherlands. Never imagined that I would feel so at ease in a small town. Everything is within walking distance; schools, shops, restaurants. Ideal! We even bought a house near the center. Haarlem is our home now."

Demian: "The lessons at Taalthuis are great!"

Expat Demian (38) from Brazil:

"I thought it would be a great experience to live abroad with my family for a couple of years. Because I really love cycling, we chose the Netherlands. And also because of the high level of education. My wife is about to start studying language education. Our whole family feels at ease, even though we have only been here for four months. The Dutch are warm, say 'hello' and 'good morning'. My nine- year-old daughter has a lot of girlfriends and doesn't even want to go back to Brazil anymore. The children love the Dutch sweet breakfast, especially chocolate sprinkles. My daughter and I practice Dutch together. I also speak Dutch with the people from the local shops. After the supermarket cashier jokingly asked if I had stopped taking lessons, I started learning hard again, just to be sure. Luckily the lessons at Taalthuis are great!” Our kids love the sweet breakfast, especially the ‘hagelslag’. Me and my daughter practice Dutch together. I also speak Dutch with the people in the supermarkets in the neighborhood. When, the other day, someone made a little joke and asked me if I had stopped learning Dutch, I started studying even more seriously!”

John: "The teachers at Taalthuis are good and the way of teaching is very relaxed"

Expat John (48) from England

“The cultural differences between England and the Netherlands are not that big. Dutch people are more direct than English. I love the old buildings, the architecture and the canals. The language is really difficult. I just bought a house. The transfer papers, taxes, all official documents are in Dutch and I want to be able to understand them well. My girlfriend is Brazilian and has been living in the Netherlands for 24 years. She helps me. This is my second course, I did another training before this one. The teachers at Taalthuis are good and the way of teaching is very relaxed. I am glad I made the switch to Taalthuis!”