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Expat Anshul (29) from India

‘The family of my Dutch wife encourages me to speak Dutch. This is also important for my work as a sous-chef at Hilton. It is an American company, but Dutch is spoken very often and of course ordering is in Dutch. By learning the language at Taalthuis, you understand more about the culture and the people around you. My butcher does not speak English, but I can now place orders in Dutch. And at the market I chat with the sellers. Understanding the language makes me feel more at home in the Netherlands.’


Expat Antonia (22) from Great Britain

‘I grew up in England, but my mother is from Germany and she often spoke German at home. That language is very similar to Dutch, so I understood some Dutch when I started the course at Taalthuis. But at Taalthuis I really learned more about the grammar and speaking in past or future tense. So I speak Dutch with more self-confidence now. My friend and I own a film production company and most of the customers are Dutch. Moreover, his family would like to speak Dutch with me. So I want to become really good at it.’


Claudia (50) from Brazil

‘I’ve been working in Amsterdam for two years now. The Netherlands is a nice country and I feel comfortable here. The Dutch welcome foreigners, they help you and respect other cultures. My Dutch colleagues, but also people in shops and on the streets are helpful. I think it's important to learn Dutch at Taalthuis, because I want to understand more about the country and people. I notice that people often appreciate it when they see that you are trying to speak their language.’


Au pair Hyacinth (24) from the Philippines

‘It’s important for me to understand the children in my host family. Because I learn Dutch at Taalthuis it’s becoming increasingly common for me to answer in Dutch too. I feel very welcome in the Netherlands, I even have a Dutch boyfriend. We met through common friends and go out on Saturdays, mostly in Amsterdam. My friend understands English very well, but speaks Dutch to me so I learn the language faster. I say “Ik hou van jou” to him and he says “Mahal Kita” to me.’