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Learning Dutch at Taalthuis is fun!

You can follow courses at all levels. Small groups. Discounts for au pairs, students, partners and friends. Good course materials including e-learning.

Find out what our students are saying:

Lena: “Because my Dutch has improved so much, I can talk to the friends of my au pair children a lot easier. "

Au Pair Lena (20) from Germany

“Speen”, that was the first Dutch word I learned. Which is not that strange when you consider I have 3 au pair children. I do speak English with the children as well, because their parents like that. Because my Dutch has improved so much, I can talk to the friends of my au pair children a lot easier. Due to my German background, I have the advantage of learning Dutch a little faster. If I go to a museum, I usually take the Dutch audio tour and Dutch written text to learn the language even better. At the end of the year I will be returning to Germany to study Social Work, but I will definitely return to the Netherlands to follow a part of my studies here.

Azi "My favorite expression? ‘Het kan vriezen en het kan dooien.’"

Au Pair Azi (28) from Singapore:

“They sell fresh ‘stroopwafels’ at the market in Singapore. I was really looking forward to eating them ‘in real life’ in the Netherlands. But I've found something I like even more: ‘poffertjes’! The food here is very different. I am surprised that Dutch people eat bread twice a day, I often eat fruit or yoghurt in the afternoon. The Netherlands is not an unknown country for me. My friend comes from Utrecht and I've been here a couple of times on holiday. When I talk to him in Dutch, he always has to laugh. Apparently, it’s children’s language. This makes sense if you are working with children all day. My favorite expression? ‘Het kan vriezen en het kan dooien.’ I think it is so funny, I say it all the time.”

Pawel: This is my third course. After this one I am done. Speaking is not so difficult, but the grammar is a disaster. Sometimes there is no rule and the answer is: just because… this is where Taalthuis helps!”

Expat Pawel (29) from Poland

“People in the Netherlands are a lot more relaxed than in Poland. There is less stress, more chill. When I go to Poland on holidays, I miss Holland immediately! In the weekends I go out and explore; Zeeland, Friesland, Limburg, I have seen a lot already. I liked Pampus the most, it’s a very small island near Amsterdam, where you see the Netherlands in a complete different way. It’s funny, now I know where the expression ‘voor Pampus liggen’ is coming from. Madurodam is still on my bucket list, it must be pretty special to see a town in a small version. Another difference between Poland and Holland? During the summer time it is really hot in Poland and in the winter it can be extremely cold. I prefer the Dutch weather, except for the rain… It really rains a lot!”