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Learning Dutch at Taalthuis is fun.

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Find out what our students are saying:

Azi "My favorite expression? ‘Het kan vriezen en het kan dooien.’"

Au Pair Azi (28) from Singapore:

“They sell fresh ‘stroopwafels’ at the market in Singapore. I was really looking forward to eating them ‘in real life’ in the Netherlands. But I've found something I like even more: ‘poffertjes’! The food here is very different. I am surprised that Dutch people eat bread twice a day, I often eat fruit or yoghurt in the afternoon. The Netherlands is not an unknown country for me. My friend comes from Utrecht and I've been here a couple of times on holiday. When I talk to him in Dutch, he always has to laugh. Apparently, it’s children’s language. This makes sense if you are working with children all day. My favorite expression? ‘Het kan vriezen en het kan dooien.’ I think it is so funny, I say it all the time.”

Deepak: "Thanks to Taalthuis learning Dutch is a lot easier"

Expat Deepak (42) from India

"California or Amsterdam, that's where most people from the IT sector apply for a job. I soon knew that it would be the Netherlands. I don't know Europe very well and I really wanted to visit the big European cities. Paris, Lisbon, Berlin, Copenhagen, Budapest; over the last year and a half I visited a different city every month. I love the Dutch climate. Except last summer, I didn't like that. Warm weather is 'overrated'. It makes you tired. I prefer cold weather with a shining sun. You can enjoy coffee on a terrace. The food here is totally different compared to India. You wouldn't expect it given my culture, but I don't like spicy food. Not so long ago I started this language course. English is so much easier for me. But thanks to Taalthuis things are getting better.”

Genavee: "I am glad I made friends during this course. There are many au pairs and students in our Dutch class, which is educational and sociable"

Au Pair Genavee (19) from South Africa

"In South Africa it was financially not possible to study, so I saved money to go to the Netherlands. Hopefully I can stay here permanently in the long run and let my family come over. In South Africa I hunt and guess what? My host family are vegetarian! Luckily I am totally used to it after a month! What I still have to get used to is that not everyone I meet on the street wants to talk to. I try to stroke every dog, I want to have a chat with everyone, but sometimes I get strange looks. I am glad I made friends during this course. There are many au pairs and students in our Dutch class, which is educational and sociable. Tonight I am going for a drink with Anna - she is also from South Africa.”