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September 9, 2017

New course season has started!

The end of a holiday always comes with good intentions and we dream about making them come true. Is it your wish to learn Dutch? Then stop dreaming and sign up for a Dutch course at Taalthuis! The new course season has just started and we offer courses at every level.

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Incompany courses

Next to our course locations in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Haarlem, Hilversum, Leiden en Utrecht, we also offer in-company courses. Do you have multiple employees that want to learn Dutch at the same time? And do you want to offer them a solid Dutch course?

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How to feel at home fast in the Netherlands!

Besides all the logistics and paperwork involved in moving to the Netherlands, there is one facet of life as an expat that is much less straightforward: how to adapt to a new country. Learning the language is one of the best ways to feel at home in the Netherlands, but what is the best way to do so?

Read this Expatica-article and you will know!

June 12, 2017

Course offer autumn online

The new course schedule for autumn is now online! New courses on different levels will start from September in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Haarlem, Hilversum, Leiden en Utrecht.

Taalthuis teaches you how to speak, read and write Dutch in small groups. Because the lessons are playful learning is more easy and more fun. Moreover, Taalthuis has its own lesson method, supported by e-learning. As a student, you can login and listen to vocabulary, songs and practice at home.

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Au pair Andrea (19) from Spain: ‘I take care of four very nice children of 3, 5, 8 and 9 years old. They speak Dutch to me and I start to understand them better. The phrases I often use and learned during Dutch course at Taalthuis are: “Hoe was jouw dag?” And “Wil jij een koekje en drinken?”. I work as an au pair now, but I would like to study physiotherapy in Amsterdam. To be able to afford that, I work at a restaurant in the evening. As a child my parents took me to the Netherlands and as early as then I wanted to live here. I made it happen and I really feel at home. ‘




Au pair Allison (24) from South Africa: ‘In 2010, during the World Soccer Championships in South Africa, I became interested in the Netherlands. I worked at the stadium and spoke to people from Holland. It struck me that they were kind and liberal. Later on I made plans to work as an au pair in the Netherlands. In some ways, this is even better than I expected. And I fell in love with my bike! I take care of children who speak Dutch to me all day. That was very difficult at first, but the Dutch course at Taalthuis taught me to communicate better with them. ‘




Au pair Hyacinth (24) from the Philippines: ‘It’s important for me to understand the children in my host family. Because I learn Dutch at Taalthuis it’s becoming increasingly common for me to answer in Dutch too. I feel very welcome in the Netherlands, I even have a Dutch boyfriend. We met through common friends and go out on Saturdays, mostly in Amsterdam. My friend understands English very well, but speaks Dutch to me so I learn the language faster. I say “Ik hou van jou” to him and he says “Mahal Kita” to me.’



Expat Anshul (29) from India: ‘The family of my Dutch wife encourages me to speak Dutch. This is also important for my work as a sous-chef at Hilton. It is an American company, but Dutch is spoken very often and of course ordering is in Dutch. By learning the language, you understand more about the culture and the people around you. My butcher does not speak English, but I can now place orders in Dutch. And at the market I chat with the sellers. Understanding the language makes me feel more at home in the Netherlands.’



Expat Antonia (22) from Great Britain: ‘I grew up in England, but my mother is from Germany and she often spoke German at home. That language is very similar to Dutch, so I understood some Dutch when I started the course. But at Taalthuis, I really learned more about the grammar and speaking in past or future tense. So I speak Dutch with more self-confidence now. My friend and I own a film production company and most of the customers are Dutch. Moreover, his family would like to speak Dutch with me. So I want to become really good at it.’



Expat Claudia (50) from Brazil: ‘I’ve been working in Amsterdam for two years now. The Netherlands is a nice country and I feel comfortable here. The Dutch welcome foreigners, they help you and respect other cultures. My Dutch colleagues, but also people in shops and on the streets are helpful. I think it’s important to learn Dutch, because I want to understand more about the country and people. I notice that people often appreciate it when they see that you are trying to speak their language.’




learning Dutch at Taalthuis

Dutch: the language of (true) love

Okay, Dutch men might be just a little bit too level-headed and Dutch women can be very assertive, but it must be said: the Dutch are also very ‘knap’ (good looking), progressive and entrepreneurial. If you happen to fall in love with someone Dutch, learning the language can gain you the sympathy of an entire family and circle of friends!  You can learn the Dutch language in a fun way at Taalthuis.

Love without words

‘The language of love is international’ . This means something like: you don’t have to speak each other’s language to fall in love. When you fall in love the Dutch language hardly plays a part and most Dutch people speak good English. In the workplace it is often the main language of communication. And where do most relationships start? That’s right!

Family and friends

Each year about 11,000 foreigners marry a Dutch man or woman. Did they build up their relationship without speaking each other’s language? Probably not. The following royal example shows how important the Dutch language can be for (true) love.  

When he was still crown prince, the Dutch king Willem-Alexander fell in love with Máxima Zorreguieta, a charming Argentinean with a great international career. The royal family had to be convinced of her suitability, and of course, the Dutch people as well.

This was not easy. The biggest obstacle appeared to be her father, Jorge Zorreguieta, who had been part of the violent Videla regime in Argentinia. The Dutch were shocked. How could our future king choose, of all people, the daughter of a crooked politician as his romantic partner?

Commitment and good will

A future queen could not possibly have had a worse start, you would think. But Máxima became immensely popular among the Dutch people. And she still is. She owes it all to herself.

Because Máxima took Dutch lessons. The results were impressive: during her first appearance on television – the press conference announcing her engagement to Willem-Alexander – the Argentine made a long statement in Dutch. This achievement showed her commitment and good will, and the Dutch could not help but love her. And now she is the queen and the most popular member of the royal family.

What goes for Máxima goes just as much for everybody. Learn Dutch as soon as you have the opportunity and show the Dutch that you are prepared to do anything to understand their language and culture and the Dutch will fall in love with you. Friends, people on the street… They will praise you for your commitment. Just like Máxima they will embrace you. The Dutch appreciate hard work. It is the best way to start your relationship. You can learn Dutch in a fun way at Taalthuis. Taalthuis teaches you how to speak, read and write Dutch, using a wide range of interesting subjects. All in an enjoyable way.

Taalthuis has 8 lesson locations in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Den Bosch, Den Haag, Haarlem, Hilversum, Leiden and Utrecht. For more information: www.taalthuis.nl


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