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New course season will start in January!

The end of a holiday always comes with good intentions and we dream about making them come true. Is it your wish to learn Dutch? Then stop dreaming and sign up for a Dutch course at Taalthuis! The new course season will start again in January and we offer courses at every level.

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Incompany courses

Next to our course locations in Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Den Bosch, Haarlem, Hilversum, Leiden en Utrecht, we also offer incompany courses. Do you want to learn Dutch together with your colleagues or do you have multiple employees that want to learn Dutch at the same time? And do you want to offer them a solid Dutch course? Our teacher will come to a location of your choice for a Dutch course.

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au pair Rachel taalthuis.nl

Au pair Rachel (22) from South Africa:

“It may sound a bit strange for somebody from South Africa, but I don’t like the sun and I’m even allergic to sunscreens. Look at my red hair, I inherited this from my English ancestors. I’m a real ‘winter child’. So when I arrived in The Netherlands last January and it was snowing, you can imagine how happy I was!
Back in South Africa people warned me about the directness of the Dutch people, but I really like it when people are direct and clear. I’m the same. I love languages, I also speak Xhosa, the African click language. I didn’t learn a lot of Afrikaans in school, so learning Dutch is difficult. But I’m working very hard.
I have a wonderful au pair family and a boyfriend who is studying in Leiden. Holland, I love you!”


Expat Demian taalthuis.nl


Expat Demian (38) from Brazil:
“I thought it would be a great experience for us to live a couple of years abroad. Because I really love to ride a bike, we chose the Netherlands. Also because of the high educational level. My wife will be starting her language education shortly. We all feel really at home in Holland, even though we just moved here four months ago. Dutch people are really warm, say ‘hallo’ and ‘goedemorgen’. My eldest daughter has a big group of friends now and doesn’t want to go back to Brazil.

Our kids love the sweet breakfast, especially the ‘hagelslag’. Me and my daughter practice Dutch together. I also speak Dutch with the people in the supermarkets in the neighborhood. When, the other day, someone made a little joke and asked me if I had stopped learning Dutch, I started studying even more seriously!”


Flavia Taalthuis.nl

Expat Flavia (44) from Brazil:

“When my husband got a job in the Netherlands, our family followed him. We really had to adjust to the life in Haarlem, it is a big difference with Rio de Janeiro. When we told our children there is a beach only 10 minutes by bike they were sold “Just like in Rio”, they said. When the weather is nice you can find us on the beach.
I will start working as a cardiologist this week, this motivates me even more to learn Dutch. My favorite Dutch word is ‘gezellig’. I really feel at home in the Netherlands. Never thought that I would feel so at ease in a small town. Everything is at walking distance; schools, shops, restaurants, ideal! We even bought a house near the city center  Haarlem is our house now.



Expat Anshul (29) from India: ‘The family of my Dutch wife encourages me to speak Dutch. This is also important for my work as a sous-chef at Hilton. It is an American company, but Dutch is spoken very often and of course ordering is in Dutch. By learning the language, you understand more about the culture and the people around you. My butcher does not speak English, but I can now place orders in Dutch. And at the market I chat with the sellers. Understanding the language makes me feel more at home in the Netherlands.’



Expat Antonia (22) from Great Britain: ‘I grew up in England, but my mother is from Germany and she often spoke German at home. That language is very similar to Dutch, so I understood some Dutch when I started the course. But at Taalthuis, I really learned more about the grammar and speaking in past or future tense. So I speak Dutch with more self-confidence now. My friend and I own a film production company and most of the customers are Dutch. Moreover, his family would like to speak Dutch with me. So I want to become really good at it.’ 



Expat Claudia (50) from Brazil: ‘I’ve been working in Amsterdam for two years now. The Netherlands is a nice country and I feel comfortable here. The Dutch welcome foreigners, they help you and respect other cultures. My Dutch colleagues, but also people in shops and on the streets are helpful. I think it’s important to learn Dutch, because I want to understand more about the country and people. I notice that people often appreciate it when they see that you are trying to speak their language.’