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Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us if the answer of your question is not there ! info@taalthuis.nl or +31(0)23 3050305

What is the difference between the beginners basic course and the beginners plus course?

The beginners plus course is especially developed for students with some knowlegde of the Dutch language and students from Germany and South Africa. The course is more difficult  and consists of more grammar than the Beginners Basic course.

What is the difference between the courses for au pairs and the other courses?

The difference between the regular Basic courses and the Basic courses for au pairs and students is the composition of the groups. The students and au pairs are all young. Au pairs stay in the Netherlands in a host family. They are here to look after children and  learn more about the Dutch language and culture. The lesson materials that are used are the same as in the other beginners courses.

What can I do if I miss a lesson?

You can use our e-learning to catch up, there is a student guide for every course. In this guide we have explained what will be covered per lesson. You can listen to the vocabulary, learn the grammar and do all the exercises to be at the same level as your fellow students.

When you have the feeling that this is not enough, we offer the possibility to arrange a catch up lesson with your teacher. There are some additional costs attached to this option, but you will have a private lesson with your teacher to catch up. The price for this is € 69,50 per hour.

Can I use the STAP budget for a course at Taalthuis?

By obtaining the NRTO Quality mark, Taalthuis is qualified to offer courses via the STAP- budget.  However it was not possible to set up the entire procedure before 1 May, so Taalthuis will only be able to offer courses via STAP from the next tranche on 1 July.

Important to know! Unfortunately it is not (yet) allowed to follow basic Dutch courses (A0-A2) from STAP.

 We will ensure that our recognized training offer is offered in the STAP training register before 1 July. You will find the accredited training offer at DUO (Service implementation Education). To register with a STAP budget, you need a STAP registration certificate. You will receive this during the registration process.

For more information about the STAP-budget and the registration procedure please refer to: https://www.stapuwv.nl/p/STAP-informatie

Does Taalthuis offer integration courses?

Taalthuis doesn’t give integration courses or specific courses that prepare for the Inburgeringsexamen. We do provide general Dutch language lessons that may help you get up to A2 level (even up to C1 if you want). ​

Does Taalthuis accept a DUO loan?

No, we do not accept a DUO loan​

What requirements do you need to register for a course

Students need to understand and speak English at an elementary level.


Courses and requirements Level Lessons and hours Lesson material
Beginner basic courses basiscursus (students must have knowledge of the English language) A0->A1 13 x 2 hours and 15 minutes (12 + exam)
30 uur total
Kom maar binnen! (Taalthuis)
Het fundament (Taalthuis)
Beginners plus cursus
(especially for students from Germany and South-Africa)
A0-> A2 13 x 2 hours and 15 minutes (12 + exam)
30 uur total
Kom gauw binnen! (Taalthuis)
Het fundament (Taalthuis)
Intermediate course
(students must have finished a beginners course)
A1->A2 13 x 2 hours and 15 minutes (12 + exam)
30 uur total
Kom maar verder! (Taalthuis)
Het fundament (Taalthuis)
Advanced course (part 1 and 2)
(students must have finished a beginners plus or intermediate course)
A2->B1 28 x 2 hours and 15 minutes
65 hours in total
Nederlands in Actie (Coutinho)
High Advanced course (part 1 and 2)
(students must have finished a course at B1 level)
B1-> B2 28 x 2 hours and 15 minutes
65 hours in total
Nederlands op Niveau (Coutinho)
To perfection course (part 1 and 2)
(students must have finished a course at B2 level)
B2 -> C1 28 x 2 hours and 15 minutes
65 hours in total
Nederlands naar Perfectie (Coutinho)

Which courses can you take at Taalthuis?

At Taalthuis we only give Dutch courses. You can follow these from level A0>C1.

When you are an expat and want more information about our Dutch courses, click here.

When you are an au pair or student and want more information about our Dutch courses, click here

When will I receive my books for the online course?

We send the books to your home address in the week before the course starts. When you have done the payment, you can find a pdf version of the books in the studentguide of the e-learning platform.

When will I get access to the e-learning platform?

As soon as we have received your payment, you will get access to our e-learning platform. When your company is paying for your course, the payment might take a little longer, please contact us and we can give you access to the e-learning.

Does Taalthuis offer accommodation?

No we do not offer accommodation, we only offer Dutch courses.

Can Taalthuis assist with visa application?

No, we cannot assist with your visa application.

Does Taalthuis offer private lessons

All our Dutch courses are group courses. Our groups are small, 5 people is the minimum and 12* people the maximum, so still a lot of personal attention from our teachers.

*because of Covid-19 the group size is temporarily max 8 people




Where can I register for a Dutch course at Taalthuis?

Registration for our Dutch courses can only be done online. When you have found the course you want to follow, click the sign in button to register.

Can I pay in installments for a Dutch course?

We do not accept payment in installments. The payment has to be done before the course starts. You only receive access to our e-learning platform when the payment is done.