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It’s fun to learn Dutch at Taalthuis!

If you’re an expat wanting to learn Dutch, you are in the right place at Taalthuis! Our face-to-face and online courses are challenging and fun. You will quickly understand more, start to actually speak Dutch, learn about Dutch culture and therefore instantly feel more at home in the Netherlands.

Taalthuis has developed it’s own lesson materials

Taalthuis’ courses are developed for higher educated students, who must be able to understand and speak English at least on an elementary level. Taalthuis uses its own lesson method, which includes textbooks and e-learning. We developed these lesson materials for courses up to A2 level. For higher levels, so from A2 level and higher, Taalthuis uses the Coutinho method. Nederlands in Actie (B1), Nederlands op Niveau (B2), Nederlands naar perfectie (C1).


Once you are enrolled in a Beginner or Intermediate course, you will have access to the e-learning platform. You will be able to do online exercises, listen to vocabulary and songs as well as study your grammar.

You can consider buying an extra preparation course before the start of a Beginner’s course or an extra Grammar module for the higher levels.

The online Grammar module is an add-on to your e-learning, in which you can find all the materials present in your grammar book, combined with a lot of exercises for you to put knowledge into practice.

Always wanted to learn more about the Dutch culture and learn Dutch? The online Culture course is a dynamic and comprehensive self-study course. Our course sheds light on all Dutch characteristics, providing you with valuable cultural knowledge.

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