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At Taalthuis you can learn Dutch at different levels. The Beginners Basic course is for anyone with little to no knowledge of Dutch. After attending Beginners Basic level and passing the exam, you will be at A1 level.

The Beginners Plus course is specially developed for au pairs and expats who speak German and Afrikaans as a Native speaker. The course has double the pace of a Beginners Basic course, is taught in Dutch from the start, and has more grammatical topics. After attending this course, actively participating and passing the exam, your level will be A2.

The Intermediate course is for anyone who has reached A1 level in a previous course. After attending the Intermediate course and passing the test, you will have A2 level.

Please call us on 023-3040023 either on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon between 13:00 and 17:00 if you would like to find out what your current level is, and what course is best for you to take.