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Taalthuis uses it’s own lesson method and e-learning for the Beginner and Intermediate levels.

Online preparation

As soon as students are officially registered for a beginners course they get access to the online preparation course. They can already listen to vocabulary and songs to get used to the sounds, they can study some basic grammar and do exercises. Because whether you will soon travel to the Netherlands or already are in the Netherlands waiting for a Dutch course to start, you want to be prepared!

The course consists of 7 lessons and a test. Every lesson contains grammar to study, vocabulary and songs to listen to and exercises to make. When you finish this Preparation course for sure you want to learn more about the Dutch language and find out what life’s about in that beautiful green, flowery, sometimes cold and wet country!

Taalthuis offers all beginner students this possibility.

E-learning at all levels

When the courses start all students of Taalthuis have access to the e-learning program at their own level. This program offers online exercises, vocabulary and songs to listen to and grammar to download. For the Beginner and Intermediate courses Taalthuis uses its own lesson method. For the higher levels we use other methods with e-learning.

To go to the e-learning environment click here.