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Self-Study beginners basic course

The self-study Beginners Basic Course (A0>A1) is for anyone who has just started to learn Dutch. This online course is combined with an exercise book and a grammar book. The books will be sent to your home address.

The course consists of 12 lessons online and is accompanied by a lesson book and a grammar book. You do the course at your own pace, as soon as you sign up you will keep access to the e-learning platform for 3 months. After finishing this course it’s possible to join a Beginners Plus (A0-A2) or Intermediate (A1-A2) course. You will receive a 5% discount code to sign up for these follow-up courses. If you want to follow one of these courses, you will need to take an oral assessment by phone.
When you want to obtain level A1 with an official certificate, you need to take an oral and a written exam. The cost for this exam (both oral and written) is € 125,00.

There is also a self-study beginners basic course with an extra grammar module. The online grammar module contains the information from the grammar book combined with a lot of exercises to put the knowledge into practice. Because we’ve grouped all information and all exercises of our regular courses and added a lot of extra exercises, this module gives you a perfect overview of Dutch grammar.

You will receive a 2,5% discount code to sign up for these follow-up courses after registration.

Every lesson of the self-study course consists of:

  • Grammar
    You can find the grammar online and in the grammar book
  • Vocabulary
    All the vocabulary that is in the textbook is spoken in the lesson, and you can listen to it online
  • Exercises
    Online exercises and exercises in the textbook with online answers
  • Songs
    There are songs to listen to and gaps in the lyrics to fill in

The price includes course materials and access to e-learning

Basic command of English is required

Optional Online lessons:
If you want some extra help, or you would like to ask questions, we offer optional Online teaching sessions. During these sessions, you can talk with a Taalthuis teacher. The price for an online teaching session is € 69,50 per hour.