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Advanced (A2>B1)

The focus of the Advanced course is on improving vocabulary, accent and intonation and spelling and sentence structure. You will be working towards level B1. By means of playing games, listening to stories and completing and writing texts, vocabulary is extended, and the participants will learn to speak and write better Dutch. The lessons will cover news topics (newspapers), art and culture and literature.

The course consists in total (part 1 and part 2) of 28 lessons of 2 hours and 15 minutes each morning (9.30- 11.45 AM) or evening (7.15-9.30 PM). The course has a part 1 of 14 lessons and a part 2 of 14 lessons. The lessons are once a week.

In the first part of the Advanced course you will:

  • expand your vocabulary
  • talk about current affairs in Dutch
  • improve your Dutch writing skills.

We will cover Chapter 1-5 of the lesson book Nederlands in Actie.  You can buy the book in your local bookstore or at www.coutinho.nl (To reach level B1, you should also take part 2 of this course.)

In the second part of the Advanced course you talk about current topics, expand your vocabulary and improve your writing skills in Dutch.

Chapter 6 – 11 of the lesson book Nederlands in Actie will be covered.  Only after completing part 2, you will have level B1.

Every lesson there will be homework. This homework is available partly in the workbook and partly online on the e-learning platform. This will cost the student about 6 hours time. The total study load is 8,5 hours per week.

It’s possible to buy an extra grammar module for the higher levels. The online grammar module contains information from the grammar book combined with many exercises to put the knowledge into practice. Taalthuis also uses self-developed language games. These games and the grammar module can be purchased at the checkout while registering.

At the end of the course, all students do an exam both written and oral. They receive a certificate of participation (80% presence needed) and an exam result.

Personal attention for the students is important. The maximum number of participants is therefore 9 in an online group.