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General conditions

General Conditions of Taalthuis

Article 1. General
a. These conditions apply to all tenders and quotations made by Taalthuis to Other Parties in so far as these conditions have not been deviated from explicitly and in writing by the parties.
b. Should one or more of the provisions of these General Conditions become wholly or partly null and void at any time, then the other provisions of these General Conditions remain fully applicable. In this event Taalthuis and the Other Party
will enter into consultation with each other in order to agree upon new provisions to replace the void or voided provisions, taking into account as much as possible the purpose and the scope of the original provisions.
c. Should there be any uncertainty concerning the interpretation of one or more provisions of these General Conditions, the interpretation needs to take place ‘in the spirit’ of these provisions.
d. Should a situation arise between the parties which is not covered in these General Conditions, then this situation should be assessed in the spirit of these General Conditions.
e. If Taalthuis does not require strict compliance with these Conditions this does not mean that the provisions do not apply or that Taalthuis would lose to any extent, the right to require strict compliance with the provisions of these Conditions in other instances.

Article 2. Confidentiality
Taalthuis respects the privacy of the course participants and shall observe confidentiality with respect to all information obtained during the course. All information given by clients will be treated as confidential by the language training institute, its employees and teachers. Information about course participants will only be used for :
– Communication concerning the course that’s signed up for and communication about course offers of Taalthuis
– Communication about the payment

– Communication concerning sending course materials and certificate to the home address of the client

Taalthuis has a privacy procedure. This procedure can be requested for by sending a message to info@taalthuis.nl

Article 3. Registration and payment
a. All tenders and quotations by Taalthuis are free of obligation unless expressly stated otherwise in writing. An tender or quotation will lapse if the service the tender or quotation relates to, is in the meantime no longer available.
b. After registration the client has 14 days to reconsider. Between registration and the start of the course the client can cancel free of charge. As soon as the course starts article 4a applies.

c. The registration is personal and non transferable to any other student.
d. The level of the course fee is shown on Taalthuis’s website and also given in an email to the Other Party. The course fee must be paid one week before commencement of the course. Participation in a course is only ensured after confirmation by Taalthuis and payment of the course fee.
e. Payment of a course needs to be made by bank transfer to account number NL05RABO0121503038 in name of Buckaroo, stating the payment reference.
f. By registration the Other Party commits to pay the entire course fee.
g. By the second reminder for failure to pay the course fee, an extra administration cost of €35 will be charged.

Article 4. Reimbursement and cancellation
a. Reimbursement of the course fee or in case of  article 4i and 4j providing of a voucher for the amount of the course fee occurs within two weeks and only:
● if the course is cancelled, or
● if Taalthuis receives the Other Party’s written request for reimbursement 7 days before the start of the course in question. In that case an administration cost of € 35 will be charged. Text books will not be refunded when used.
b. A course starts with a minimum of six participants. In case there are less than six participants Taalthuis reserves the right to offer an abbreviated course while maintaining the course fee. In the abbreviated course the same study material is addressed as in the normal course, and after completion of the course the participants can move up to the next level.
c. When applicable Taalthuis reserves the right to facilitate courses by another teacher or at another location. A change of teacher or location does not entitle to (partial) reimbursement of the course fee.
d. Non-attendance of the lessons by a participant does not entitle to partial or full reimbursement of the course fee. If possible, the participant may catch up on any missed classes in consultation with the teacher.
e. If there are not enough participants to form a specific expat or au pair group the expats and au pairs together will form a general beginners group.
f. Cancellation of catch up lesson(s): The student will be billed for the full amount of the agreed catch up lesson(s) if his/her cancellation is not made at least 24 hours in advance as we are obligated to pay for the teacher’s scheduled time.

h. In the event of circumstances beyond the Student’s reasonable control (such as illness which permanently inhibits a student from participating in the Course, an accident or death) the Course Fee will be reimbursed, upon receipt of a written request for cancellation and the Student has provided valid evidence of such occurrence, on a pro rata basis and after payment of a €35 administration fee to cover the cost of cancellation incurred by Taalthuis.

i. If Taalthuis is not able to teach face to face due to a viral outbreak or terrorist crisis Taalthuis will switch to online teaching. You are not entitled to a refund. 

j. Cancellation during the corona crisis: When you’re signed up for a course that didn’t start yet and you don’t want to take the course online we will provide a voucher for the amount of the course.

Article 5. Commencement, extent and duration of the lesson, teaching materials, exams and move on to a higher level.
a. Each course starts at the time and place indicated on the website www.taalthuis.nl. The duration and extent of the lessons are indicated on Taalthuis website. The Other Party receives this information in a separate email.
b. Lessons that are not given because of unforeseen circumstances, irrespective of holidays, will be rescheduled for the end of the course. At the time of registration the Other Party has to take into account that the duration of the course may be extended by one or two weeks. The postponement and change of dates does not result in a right to a refund.
c. Training material is included in the price, unless stated otherwise.

c.1 If the teaching material is included in the price and the lessons are conducted online we will send the books to your home address. 

d. In order to move on to a higher level the exam at the end of the course must be obtained or the teacher must give permission to move on.

Article 6. Copyright
The teaching material of Taalthuis is subject to copyright. Nothing in the publications of Taalthuis may be reproduced or made public in another way without the consent of Taalthuis. It is not permitted to use the courses or parts of the courses as training material without the express consent of Taalthuis.

Article 7 Liability
Taalthuis is not liable for damage to persons and/or possessions, nor for the loss of personal belongings that occur during activities organized by Taalthuis, regardless of the reason.

Article 8 Complaints procedure
Taalthuis wants to guarantee the quality of the organization, service and training products. However, there may still be cause for dissatisfaction. Taalthuis aims to solve this.
The following procedure applies:
1. In the first instance contact your teacher. Together you can try to find a solution.
2. Should this fail you need to lodge your complaint in writing to the management of Taalthuis, drs. Margreet van ‘t Haaff.
3. Within a week after your complaint is lodged you will receive confirmation of receipt. The complaint will be handled as confidential.
4. The management of Taalthuis will handle the complaint. In case of a substantiated complaint Taalthuis will make a written proposition within three weeks after receiving the complaint.
5. Complaints have to be dealt with within a specified time frame. If more time is needed for an investigation the participant will be informed of this within the established times explaining the postponement and giving an indication of when a decisive answer can be expected.
6. If you agree with the proposed solution the complaint will be finalized.
7. If you disagree with the solution proposed you have the opportunity to put your complaint before the independent complaint commissioner mr. Rein Kronenberg LLM in Amsterdam. The decision made by the complaint commissioner is binding and Taalthuis will comply with it.
8. Complaints and the method of handling are recorded and kept for 2 years.

Article 9. Applicable law
Dutch Law is applicable to all agreements between Taalthuis and Other Parties.