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You find the locations on the maps and when you use public transport you can plan your route on www.9292ov.nl.

The office of Taalthuis is in Haarlem, Lorenzplein. The other locations are lesson locations.


List  courses in Amersfoort

Taalthuis teaches in Amersfoort the office of Juffrouw Julia.


List all courses in Amsterdam

Taalthuis teaches in Amsterdam in the building of Lyceo.

Den Bosch

List all courses in Den Bosch

Taalthuis teaches in Den Bosch in the building of Centrum voor Studiebegeleiding.

Den Haag

List all courses in Den Haag

Taalthuis teaches in Den Haag in the building of Haags StudiePunt


List all courses in Haarlem

Taalthuis has an office and lesson location in Haarlem in the building of  Lyceo.


List all courses in Hilversum

Taalthuis teaches in Hilversum in the building of Lyceo.


List all courses in Leiden

Taalthuis teaches in Leiden the building of Lyceo 3d floor.


List all courses in Utrecht

Taalthuis teaches in Utrecht in the building of  Lyceo.