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Online Course Special: Self-study Beginners Basic course and books


The online Beginners Basic Course (A0>A1) is for anyone who has just started to learn Dutch. This online course is combined with an exercise book and a grammar book.  Learning Dutch is even more fun in a group so we are only offering this possibility during the coronavirus crisis.

The course consists of 12 lessons online and is accompanied by a lesson book and a grammar book. You do the course at your own pace  ~sign up and  you will keep access to the e-learning for 3 months. After finishing this course it’s possible to join a Beginners Plus or Intermediate course. You will receive a 5% discount code to sign up for these follow up courses after registration.

Every lesson consists of:

  • Grammar            You can find the grammar online and in the grammar book
  • Vocabulary         All the vocabulary that is in the text book is spoken in the lesson and you can listen to it online
  • Exercises             Online exercises and exercises in the textbook with online answers
  • Songs                   There are songs to listen to and gaps in the lyrics to fill in

Online course A0->A1

  • Price includes course materials and access to e-learning
  • Basic command of English is required

Optional Online lessons:
If you want some extra help, or you would like to ask questions, we offer optional Online teaching sessions. During these sessions, you can talk with a Taalthuis teacher. The price for an online teaching session is € 67,50 per hour.

Starts On 2020-08-12
Ends On 2020-11-12
Duration 3 months
Level Online Beginners Basic Self Study (A0-A1)
Price includes acces to e-learning and books
Price 150,00