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Dutch Courses Den Bosch

Dutch Courses Den Bosch at Taalthuis are ideal for those who want to learn how to speak Dutch while learning more about the country they are living in. The courses we offer are challenging and fun. We have Dutch courses for every level. Whether you are completely new to the Dutch language or already have some basic skills.

Taalthuis Dutch courses Den Bosch

With a Dutch course from Taalthuis you will quickly understand more about the Dutch language. The Dutch lessons are in small groups, where all students have the same starting level. You can learn and practice Dutch together. Best of all, you can start learning Dutch in the area you live in! Our Dutch classes in Den Bosch are located in the building of the Studiecentrum. The building is directly opposite the central station.

Dutch learning methods

The students of Taalthuis are higher educated and must be able to understand and speak English at an elementary level. We have developed our own lesson method for the beginner levels (basic and plus) and intermediate level. In the beginner and intermediate Dutch classes we use our own books and e-learning. For the higher levels Taalthuis uses other lesson methods.

Discover several Dutch courses in the search area above, or go to the list of all courses in Den Bosch and start learning Dutch!