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Beginner Basic (A0>A1)

For somebody who has just arrived in the Netherlands it’s nice besides to learn Dutch  to learn something about Dutch practices and customs. The beginner basic course (A0>A1) teaches non-Dutch speakers more about the Dutch language and culture by exploring all sorts of themes and subjects. The beginner basic course is challenging and fun. You will learn Dutch by playing various games, listening to stories and completing texts.

The beginner basic course consists of 13 lessons in the evening (7.15-9.30 PM) or in the morning (09.30- 11.45 AM).

Every lesson there will be homework. This homework is partly in the workbook and partly online on the e-learningsite. This will cost the student about 5 hours time. The total study load is 7,5 hours per week.

At the end of the course all students do an exam. They all receive a certificate of participation and an exam result.

Personal attention for the students is important. The maximum number of participants is therefore 8.

The textbook ‘Kom maar binnen’ and the grammarbook ‘Het Fundament’ are provided for the first lesson.